Welcome to Ken's Lab
Ken-ya Hashimoto, Dr. Eng.
Electro-Communications Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering
Chiba University
1-33 Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi 263-8522
Tel: +81-43-290-3318
Fax; +81-43-290-3320
e-mail: k.hashimoto@ieee.org
Room 609 Engineering Research Building 2

Recent rapid growth of the communication technology gives spotlights again toward analog and high frequency technologies. Mastering these technologies are not easy, and not so many institutes can offer training programs specialized on the technologies. Thus industries exhibit strong demands for experts who pursued these technologies.
This laboratory focuses its efforts to the development of analog high frequency technologies, as a specialist of radio-frequency acoustic wave devices widely used mobile communication equipment. Here we introduce our unique activities, to which much attention has been paid by industries all over the world.

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